diAgrii Branding

diAgrii is a specialist in livestock tracking and management. With a logo already in existence, they approached me regarding their launch into the agricultural marketplace with a new product. I consulted with diAgrii and steering them towards moving the diAgrii name to an umbrella brand while creating a new name and logo for their new tracking product. This provided an ideal opportunity to rebrand.

I like logos to evolve over time and didn’t want to move too far away from the existing logo. I simplified it, made it look more rugged (important in the agritech market), while having hints of digital applications and the image of an established corporation. I also reviewed their colours, staying true to their roots while moving toward something more muted.

This subsequently led on to developing a new logo for their agriSmartTag product which clearly relates to their overall corporate brand.

In addition to this, I worked with them on their straplines and key messages to make sure they were making a clear statement that quickly communicated their offering.

diAgrii are entering the marketplace putting the right foot forward with confidence and professionalism.